SetMyPace is not designed for people looking for advice on “how” to exercise.  We do not have videos showing you how to lift weights, or run, or do yoga, or anything like that.  SetMyPace is designed for people who know what they want to do, and how to do it.

The ideal user is creative, already has a good idea of what they like to do when they workout, and often times is someone who likes to listen to music when they workout.  Although its also very easy to use the app without music, just as a way to get prompted on intervals and rest periods, with or without music.

SetMyPace provides an easy way to create and customize workouts based on user defined “intervals”.  This makes the app great for traditional interval based workouts, like HIIT, but it is also widely used for for any activities where pace or position, or exercise, changes based on time.  For example, a 45 minute spin class on a stationary bike or a yoga routine, can easily be broken down into “intervals”.