Set My Pace Benefits

Here are some of many benefits of using our technology to augment you workouts.

Totally Customizable

Descriptions, Interval lengths, music by workout or interval, coaching when you want it. All user definable. Your Intervals, Your Music, Your Pace!

Share Workouts

Share and receive workouts from friends or trainers.

Your Music, Your Way

Playlists or songs by workout, or interval. Integrated to Apple Music and Spotify.

Apple Watch Coming Soon...

Apple watch development is done, we are in final stages of testing. Should be released soon.

Fuel Your Ambition

Music moves us, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Studies show that people who listen to music they love consistently exercise longer, harder, and with more pleasure and better results. The music moves you, the technology lets you define what you do, in what order, and when. The goal is to make it so you don’t have to look at your phone while your working out. You set the intervals, the pace, and the music, and then simply click start and get to working out.